What’s next for Spotify: The ultimate rumor guide

What’s next for Spotify: An MP3 download store, a commercial API that could empower developers to bring the service’s music everywhere, music playback without the need to download any software – or maybe just an iPad app? Read all about the rumors ahead of Wednesday’s press conference.

Google Music’s real innovation: The indie artist hub

Google’s music platform may look a lot like iTunes, but for small indie artists, there’s lots to like. Google treats musicians like Android app developers, offering them a 70 percent market share. Add YouTube as a sales platform, and it could be a game changer.

Grooveshark is relaunching as a social music network

Grooveshark relaunched its music service with a much bigger emphasis on activity streams and other social features Thursday night, and company representatives told us that they have big plans in store that should help artists to make more money — because streaming alone doesn’t make anyone rich.

Belgian ISPs pressured to pay piracy levy

Belgian music rights holders want local ISPs to pay 3.4 percent of their subscriber revenue to compensate for music piracy committed by their customers. Those customers, however, could still be sued for file sharing, even after their ISPs paid for it.

How LimeWire’s Grapevine tried to compete with Spotify

How do you convince people that the future of music is all about access, and not ownership? LimeWire thought it had a solution to this problem with its never-launched Grapevine music subscription service. What did Grapevine have to offer? Take a look for yourself.

The next Pandora will be a mashup

Pandora has established itself as the leading personalized radio service online. A new breed of services is now challenging Pandora by mashing up videos from around the web to personalized video streams, all without spending an arm and a leg on licensing.

Who needs iTunes? HP TouchPad has HP Play

HP hasn’t introduced the rumored music store and streaming service for its line of webOS devices, but it does have an application that currently syncs music to the HP TouchPad tablet and Veer smartphone. HP Play, for Windows and OS X, shows promise and works well.

Pandora: A journey undertaken for love, not money

Nearly eleven years after Tim Westergen and his colleagues started Pandora, it began trading on the public markets. Westergen has been through hell and back and his story is no different from any entrepreneur who dares to try to capture lightning in a bottle.

Music Biz Blocks YouTube Video, Musician Loses Award

An attempt of music rights holders to press YouTube for more money may have backfired: A European musician just lost a web video award because his video was blocked due to an ongoing conflict between Google and a rights holders group over music royalty rates.

Can Social Media Save the Music Business?

Digital music alone hasn’t been enough to return the music industry to its former state of prosperity, and despite attempts by the likes of Apple, Google, MOG, Spotify and numerous others, a viable new business model has yet to emerge. But music is inherently social, and the industry would do itself a favor to harness the power of social media to combat some of the harder realities it faces.