Boxing in Pandora

While Warner is the first major record label to sign such a broad royalty deal its arrangement with Clear Channel is already being looked to as a template for a broader detente between the record companies and broadcasters.But it may not be a template Pandora can follow.

Spotify revenue up, profits down

The good news, for investors at least, is that Spotify managed to convert free users to paid users at an impressive rate. According to CEO Daniel Ek, 20 percent of people who use the service regularly end up paying for a subscription, a much higher conversion rate than for most freemium services.

Google’s sweet music

By taking an equity stake in the Vevo, Google would create a liquidity event that ultimately could help Universal divest its stake at a respectable valuation, while buying some goodwill for itself in the process.

Music streaming’s moment of truth

The music streaming deals struck over the next few months could go a long way toward determining which streaming service providers succeed and which don’t, as well as the long-term value of those rights to the labels.

Paying to play: The fight over online music

That shift in listening from recordings to streaming services marks an acceleration and amplification of the broader shift in the music business from a an economy based on the sale of goods to one based on access to performances. And it is fueling the fight now erupting on Capitol Hill over the royalty rates assigned to different types of performances.

Sita Sings The Blues blocked in Germany

Nina Paley is upset. Her movie Sita Sings The Blues is blocked for German users on YouTube, making it the latest casualty in an ongoing conflict between the video site and German music rights group Gema. Rights holders deny that they’re to blame for the incident.

Arcade Fire & Spike Jonze short film gets geo-blocked

The Spike Jonze short film scenes from the suburbs, featuring music by Arcade Fire, was scheduled for a worldwide online premiere Monday. However, arthouse movie site MUBI got a last-minute request to block viewers from the U.S., Canada, Germany and Australia from accessing the video.

Vid-Biz: CBSSports, Hulu, Fairy Tale Launches Countdown to Kick-off; the show will feature news, interviews and analysis with new episodes running daily from today through Saturday. (release)

Hulu Held Up By Music Rights as Well; some episodes of shows go missing because the music used hasn’t been cleared for internet streaming. (Techdirt)

A Web Video Fairy Tale; “Once upon a time there was a sad little digital video file. She had no dress to attend the Web Browser Ball!…” (jd/adobe)

NBC Reveals ’08 Mobile Highlights; peacock says it served 1.8 million mobile streams between Sept. and Dec., 1.3 million of which were full episodes; Heroes was the most popular. (emailed release)

Apple Gets a Second CDN; in Q4 ’08 started using Limelight in addition to Akamai. (The Business of Online Video)

Mag Rack Entertainment Buys; purchase price of the VOD network that does music and documentaries not disclosed. (paidContent)

Generate to Create TV for 20th Century Fox TV; multiyear deal has the production/management company developing scripted show for broadcast and cable. (Variety)