Music startup Topspin hit with significant layoffs

Los Angeles-based music marketing and merchandise sales startup Topspin Media laid of a significant number of its staff Wednesday. Music blog hypebot first reported the news, calling it “major layoffs,” and laid off employees said on Twitter that “half“or even “the majority” of the company’s staff was let go. Topspin acknowledged that there have been layoffs when contacted by Gigaom, but declined to comment further on the matter. The company recently teamed up with Spotify to offer artists a way to directly sell merchandise through its service, and it is also slated to power a similar integration for the recently-launched Beats Music service.

Twitter just threw a lifeline to the content industry

Twitter’s deal with SoundCloud to embed audio in tweets isn’t just a deal that gives the Berlin music startup a ton of exposure: it’s a signal that while Twitter may carry a threat for media companies, it could be a serious alternative to Facebook.

Audiogalaxy takes on Pandora with P2P radio

Audiogalaxy is back: The former file sharing service is going back to its P2P roots to take on Pandora with personalized playlists, streaming music directly from one user to another and onto mobile handsets. But this time, the company is playing by the book.