Samsung may buy stake in Deezer

Samsung is in negotiations to strike a commercial agreement with and possibly acquire  a stake in the Paris-based music subscription service Deezer, according to French media reports relayed by Reuters. Deezer seems like an interesting target for Samsung: The service is already available in a long list of countries, and is targeting the U.S. market in 2014.

Rdio relaunches with new web UI and revamped desktop apps

Music subscription service Rdio relaunched its web and desktop experience at a press event at SXSW Tuesday in an attempt to focus more on music discovery and bring a desktop-like music experience to the web. The new UI takes some hints from iTunes, Spotify and Facebook.

How LimeWire’s Grapevine tried to compete with Spotify

How do you convince people that the future of music is all about access, and not ownership? LimeWire thought it had a solution to this problem with its never-launched Grapevine music subscription service. What did Grapevine have to offer? Take a look for yourself.