When will LTE stop sucking (your battery)?

Your LTE phone is just as adept at eating battery power as it is at eating bandwidth. Last week, I wrote about the many ways that LTE devices are far more power hungry than their 3G predecessors. Now let’s look at what’s being doing about it.

The wireless industry swallows the Wi-Fi pill

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, you would expect LTE to hog the spotlight, but LTE might find itself overshadowed by a less sexy technology: Wi-Fi. As telecom vendors prep their new porfolios for MWC in two weeks, there is a preponderance of Wi-Fi products.

Samsung building buzz ahead of Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is still three weeks and an ocean away, but Samsung is already threatening to steal the show. Analytics blog Anlytk has compiled Twitter data on the most referenced terms surrounding MWC and found that Samsung is already generating an enormous amount of buzz.

Broadband Fans, We Have an Innovation Problem

Wired broadband is in trouble. And ISPs and Silicon Valley are to blame. The idea that wireless could be a real substitute for wired broadband showcases how crappy our current broadband is. We need fatter pipes, but we also need applications that take advantage of them.

Today in Connected Consumer

It’s the President’s Day holiday here in the U.S. today, but over in Barcelona, the Mobile World Conference is buzzing. Microsoft unveiled a new version of Windows Mobile now rechristened Windows Phone, which it hopes will give it a fresh start in a market where it has stumbled badl. Adobe announced it will release Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones, starting with Android phones, in the first half of 2010. Per usual, Apple was not at MWC but its presence was felt nonetheless. An international group of 12 mobile carries, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, NTT DoCoMo, Deutsche Telekom and China Mobile, announced plans to develop an open applications platform for mobile devices, a move clearly aimed at Apple’s iTunes App Store platform.

Mobile World Congress: Don’t Call It a Phone Show

Over the last few years Mobile World Congress, the mobile phone industry trade show, has experienced a shift from being about mobile phones to being about always-on connectivity. Mobile broadband has changed the value of the mobile ecosystem and thus the players who care about it.

Psst! The Mobile World Congress is Coming Soon!

There’s a secret in the mobile world just dying to get out, and you know what it is. The biggest smartphone show in the world will be happening in just a few weeks in Spain. That’s right, you heard it here first (most likely), the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is knocking at the door!

The MWC will see all of the major players in the phone game assemble in one very big place, all vying to show off the latest and greatest things coming off their product lines. There’s even a rumor that Windows Mobile 7 might get discussed! No, seriously, it might!

So forget about this little event today, after all it’s just one company showing off one product. The MWC will be the greatest show on earth for those in the mobile game. Honest.