The best of web video: 4 highlights from 2012 you should know

Two of the funniest women in comedy today. A channel that brought together cop show parodies and sci-fi drama. A series that created a community. And a brand that pushed the boundaries of serialized content. For those who like web video, 2012 was a great year.

No joke: YouTube gets its first live comedy show

YouTube is getting its first live comedy show: My Damn Channel Live is going to be live streamed on the site every weekday. It’s a big step for YouTube as it wants people to stay around longer – and a huge deal for My Damn Channel.

The IAWTV Awards nominees mix up the professional and independent

The IAWTV hit a major milestone in its evolution this week with the announcement of the first-ever nominees for the IAWTV Awards, honoring excellence in web video content and representing the web series world with a strong mix of independent and professionally-produced content.

It’s true: YouTube to take on cable with A-list celebs

All the reports about YouTube heavily investing into original content are true: The site will be launching a number of curated and scheduled channels with contributions from stars like Madonna, Rainn Wilson, Shaq, Tony Hawk and others. Some shows will be long-form, and some even live.

Video: My Damn Channel CEO Calls Out the Cynics

In this video interview, CEO Rob Barnett discusses what’s kept My Damn Channel sustainable over the years, calls out industry naysayers as being “cynical” and says what piece of technology he believes may be a game-changer — for the entire online video industry.

My Damn Channel Blessed With $4.4M

My Damn Channel, the home of web series classics like Wainy Days and You Suck at Photoshop, has closed $4.4 million in Series B financing. The investment is lead by Intuitive Venture Partners, with some original Series A investors also chipping in.