My6sense Brings Personalization to the Twitter Stream

Taming Twitter’s stream of endless data can be daunting, especially the more people you follow. But start-up My6sense is bringing some order to the chaos with a new Chrome browser extension that prioritizes a user’s Twitter stream, making it relevant to their tastes and interests.

Today in Social

With ever more streams of real-time information, users need better filters to cut through the clutter. My6sense is making its previously iPhone-only filter for RSS and social media feeds available on Android. Based on watching what you read, share and skip, the my6sense app prioritizes information flow and presents it on a single screen. You can file this kind of function under the broad umbrellas of “web of intent” or “interest-based” media, but discerning intent remains a huge challenge — not that I’m calling it “AI.” Think how annoying that phone that chirps “Did you know?” all day long will be when it guesses wrong.

Hot Trend — Tools To Find Relevant Web Information

As we create more information on the web, how do we keep from drowning in the data deluge? “Digital intuition” software such as my6Sense can help — the free software arrives today for Android and aggregates information from multiple data source while surfacing important content.