Uh oh. Nokia Windows Phone sales estimates slashed.

Nokia’s sales of Windows Phone handsets aren’t impressing at least one analyst, who has drastically cut quarterly estimates from 2 million to 500,000 sales. With the two-horse race between Google Android and Apple iOS, it’s tough for Nokia to gain traction, even with outstanding hardware.

E7 Handset Delay Shows Nokia Becoming a Follower, Not a Leader

Nokia today delayed its E7 handset from delivery in 2010 to some time in “early 2011.” A comparison between the E7 and Nokia’s N8 show devices that are far more similar than different, so what does the E7 delay say about the N8 user experience?

Review: Nokia N8 Is Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Nokia’s newest smartphone comes in the form of the Nokia N8, a GSM touchscreen device with the brand new Symbian^3 operating system. Even with the improvements shown in the N8, several key user experience aspects keep it at least a step or two behind the competition.

Video: Nokia N8 Unboxing and First Impressions

Our Nokia N8 review unit just arrived, so here’s an early video look at what’s in the box and some features of the N8’s hardware and software. The N8 is likely the best phone that Nokia has ever built, but we’re already seeing some software quirks.

10 Million Reasons the Nokia N8 is Destined for AT&T

Nokia today announced a developer contest offering up $10 million to the winners. AT&T is partnering as a judge and application entries must run on the new Nokia N8, which does support AT&T’s network. Might this be Nokia’s foot in the door to the U.S. market?

N8 Delayed: Is Nokia Too Big to Be Nimble?

Nokia’s N8 smartphone is slightly delayed, as customers are now expecting the Symbian^3 device to arrive in October while Nokia “makes amends.” The situation illustrates that managing expectations for a near-global audience may be a bigger a challenge for Nokia than developing competitive products and services.

When Will Nokia’s Smartphone Transition End?

The new Nokia N8 has the dubious distinction of being both the first and the last N-series handset to run Symbian^3 — new high-end devices will run on MeeGo. A product strategy in constant transition isn’t one that will attract developers or customers to Nokia.