Vevo partners with Chill for group chat

Vevo gets into the real-time collaborative media consumption game with a new feature called Vevo Rooms that allows music fans to program playlists and chat with one another while they’re watching music videos together, Vevo Rooms is launched in collaboration with Chill.

Look Ma, now the Alive Web is an infographic

Alive Web — you know the web that goes beyond web pages and events to occurrences and interactions – is something that has been on my mind. Rounds, a video app com startup has come up with an Alive Web infographic from their perspective. Check it out!

Zynga’s Road to Riches: From startup to IPO

Zynga, the social gaming company recently filed to go public and raise a whopping $1 billion in its initial public offering. The folks from Namesake have put together a graphic that tells the story of Zynga, the people behind the company and how it got here.

Namesake takes entrepreneurial networking mobile with iOS app

Social networking startup Namesake launched an iOS app Tuesday. The app brings Namesake, which we billed as “Facebook for the self-employed” last year, to Apple devices in wrapper better suited for mobile access. The app is good enough to merit a look, even for non-Namesake users.

How to Build Your Reputation on Social Q&A Sites

Can social Q&A sites really help you build your professional reputation? I’ve taken a look at three sites that offer similar functionality, yet are vastly different under the surface. Here is a breakdown of how to use Quora, Focus and Namesake to enhance your reputation.

The Race to Create a Web of Reputation

As social media becomes more mainstream, we still lack effective ways to figure out who we should pay attention to, and so the race to continues to try and measure online reputation. Should it be based on activity? Number of followers? A voting system?

Namesake Wants to Be Facebook for the Self-Employed

If you’re self-employed and you want to network with others in your field who might be able to help you find opportunities, there’s no dedicated service to help you build a social graph around your specific area of expertise. New startup Namesake wants to be that service.