Banjo wants to take you places with its new location-based update

With an update to its technology that emphasizes shared social connections and the importance of locations, Banjo attempts to keep users in the loop and let them know what’s happening to their friends around the world, aggregating and organizing social material.

Twitter’s role in delivering media grows with expanded Tweets

Twitter announced today that it will partner with a variety of online media companies to provide enhanced versions of “expanded Tweets,” giving users more in-depth previews of content without leaving Twitter’s site. The change comes as Twitter blurs the line between content provider and producer.

Should the mainstream media see Twitter as competition?

The deal that Twitter announced on Thursday with NASCAR will see an editor employed by the network curating and highlighting tweets and other content, a deal that takes Twitter even further into the realm of being a media entity. Should traditional media players be concerned?

Vid-Biz: comScore, Hulu, Nascar

Today on the Net: comScore will begin measure video views and ads separately beginning with its June Video Metrix numbers, startup VidMe launches with a new site for sharing personal videos with a select group of friends and NASCAR and Turner are rolling out 3-D.

Speed2: No NASCAR, but Also No Free Ride

Motor sport fans can soon watch races live from the Nürburgring on their computer, thanks to a new broadband network dubbed Speed2 that is going to be launched by Fox (s NWS) this June. Speed2 is tied to Fox’s Speed cable channel and will initially only be available to viewers who subscribe to Speed through Time Warner Cable (s TWX).

Speed2 isn’t the only online offering that’s tied to a customer’s cable subscription or choice of broadband provider. ESPN’s (s DIS) recently-renamed ESPN3 network is limited to a few select ISPs, and Cablevision (s CVC) launched a site called MSG Varsity last year that restricts some of its content to Cablevision customers.

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NASCAR Wins Viewers With Sprint Cup has to date seen 70 percent more video views in 2010 as in the same time frame last year, clocking a total of 14.2 million views by Monday of this week, compared to 8.3 million views in 2009. The site has also seen a more modest overall audience increase, with visits up five percent (78.3 million vs. 74.5 million). One of the races that NASCAR scored with (forgive me the non-motorsports metaphor) was the recently-held Sprint Cup, which brought in 509,000 video views, compared to 141,000 in 2009.
So what do NASCAR visitors watch? I know, the answer seems kinda obvious, but it might be worth pointing out that the site isn’t actually transmitting video of any of the races in real time, thanks to its affiliation with Turner Broadcasting (s TWX) stations TNT and SPEED, which carry the races exclusively. Instead, it offers a bunch of catch-up clips as well as videos of press conferences and similar events.
The next best thing to a live video feed the site has to offer is the option to follow the races in an animated setting that looks a lot like a video game, complete with multiple camera angles for each driver as well as the drivers’ audio feed, for $12.95 per month or $79.95 per year through its RaceView subscription. utilizes Flash and Octoshape’s P2P plug-in to deliver RaceView videos. Turner wasn’t able to provide us with the number of paying RaceView subscribers.
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Vid-Biz: Verivue, Telcos, Speed

Verivue Raises $20 Million; IP video distribution company adds third round led by Sigma Partners, which follows a $40 million round the company disclosed just in March. (peHUB, via a regulatory filing)
Telcos Taking Share from Cable Cos; AT&T and Verizon grew to 4.4 percent share of the TV provider market, while cable fell 3.1 percent to just over 61 percent. (TV by the Numbers)
Turner Partners with News Corp. for NASCAR Web Video Channel; “NASCAR on Speed” will feature Speed Channel talent and have three original series. (MediaWeek)
U.S. Open Serves 6.4 Million Streams During First Week; 1.4 million video consoles were open for an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes. (paidContent)
JibJab Hops on Board Soul Train; stick your face on a dancer’s body from the classic music show. (TechCrunch)