In spectrum battles, Mom & Pop TV loses

The FCC wants to reallocate some of the TV spectrum to auction it off, and Congress is working on bills to facilitate that process. Local, low-power TV stations believe that they could be the casualty of the process, affecting cord cutters and ethnic minorities alike.

Google, Kansas City and the Nation’s Gigabit Economic Policy

Want to improve the economy? Then demand better broadband. Policymakers at all levels of government need to watch municipal efforts such as those in Kansas City, Kan. with Google’s fiber network. That gigabit network could prove the link between broadband and economic development.

How It Feels to Have Been Passed Over by Google

Chip Rosenthal headed the effort to bring Google’s gigabit fiber network to Austin. He says the Texas capital was on the short list of cities, but thinks Austin was passed over because of a state law banning municipal participation in broadband networks.

Livestream: Debating the National Broadband Plan

GigaOM and the New America Foundation are sponsoring a debate between Craig Settles, an author and broadband consultant, and Blair Levin, the author of the National Broadband Plan, on how America can meet the broadband needs of its citizens. Click through to watch.

With New Report FCC Makes a Bid for Universal Broadband

In response to a Congressional question on whether broadband is being deployed in a reasonable and timely fashion to all Americans, the FCC today released its 706 report, saying that 14 – 25 million Americans have no access to broadband, now defined as four Mbps down.