The National Science Foundation thinks scientists need their own clouds

The National Science Foundation is giving a combined $20 million to two projects that are building cloud computing testbeds for scientists. They’ll features a wide variety of processor, storage and networking options so researchers can test their workloads against new architectures.

Researchers hope deep learning algorithms can run on FPGAs and supercomputers

The NSF has funded projects that will investigate how deep learning algorithms run on FPGAs and across systems using the high-performance RDMA interconnect. Another project, led by Andrew Ng and two supercomputing experts, wants to put the models on supercomputers and give them a Python interface.

U.S. government agencies prep for big data confab

All right all you big data nerds — it’s time to suit up for the NIST’s Big Data workshop slated for next week. The event will focus on what state-of-the-art core technologies will drive big data and how to ensure accuracy of big data processes.

No more access to Google’s Hadoop cloud for researchers

Google announced that it’s ending its Academic Cloud Computing Initiative, a joint program with IBM and the National Science Foundation that gave researchers access to a massive Hadoop cluster on which to run their data-intensive projects. The company says access to such resources is now common.

Making the Grid Smarter By Tagging It

Can the power grid get smarter without using additional communication networks, like cellular or radio frequency? As it turns out, yes, according to Power Tagging, which makes hardware, and software to help utilities monitor and keep tabs on the grid via the power line itself.

NSF Grants $5M for Research on Google-IBM Cloud

University researchers from around the country today received nearly $5 million from the National Science Foundation to help them run their high-performance projects on the Google-IBM (s goog) (s ibm)Cloud Computing University Initiative infrastructure. Among the 14 universities receiving funds are leading research institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California, San Diego; MIT, Yale and the University of Wisconsin received funding for a joint project. Apart from advancing the back and forth between Google-IBM and Yahoo (s yhoo) around university partnerships, this funding further illustrates the potential applications of cloud computing and web-scale architectures. Read More about NSF Grants $5M for Research on Google-IBM Cloud