We are becoming police states. Everyone OK with that?

The speed of technological progress is enabling rapid change in our societies and threatening the principles we claim to hold dear. We have to decide — now — whether we want to accept or resist the loss of our freedoms.

CIA invests in geodata expert OpenGeo

In-Q-Tel, the strategic investment arm of the U.S. intelligence community, has put money into an open source geospatial-data startup called OpenGeo.

3 ways the NSA scandal will benefit cloud computing

Most in the cloud computing world are still considering the negative effects of the NSA scandal. However, there are certain areas that may find that the NSA’s spying is actually a net positive.

The NSA scandal’s relevance to the use of public cloud-based platforms

Just when you thought it was safe to make a phone call, the NSA spy scandal story broke. The concept is simple: the NSA was culling through communication records to discover the bad guys for the greater good. Here, public cloud providers have to be concerned about a few key issues