New Chromebook brings a little fragmentation to Chrome OS (Updated)

If a web app works on Google’s old Chromebooks, it works on the new one just announced, right? Not exactly: Netflix doesn’t, nor does Bastion, a fun browser-based game. Native code in the browser may require web apps to be recompiled for the new chips.

Native Client: An OS in Your Browser

Earlier this week, I wrote about the launch of Google’s (s goog) Native Client, and how the company hoped that the new software would help web-based apps run faster and more securely. After the post appeared, I got an email from Google, asking me if I wanted to find out a bit more about Native Client, and suggesting that they could help “clarify some misunderstandings” in the piece I wrote. Since I hate to think that there’s something I might have missed or described poorly in a post, I agreed.

What resulted was a phone call with three Google engineers: Linus Upson, an engineering director; Brad Chen, the engineering manager for Native Client (who wrote this post on the Google blog); and Henry Bridge, a product manager for Native Client. Read More about Native Client: An OS in Your Browser