Transcriptic raises $1.2M to bring cloud economics to science

Transcriptic is a startup that’s trying to let grad students and researchers conduct their experiments over the web. The company offers a lab-as-a-service product and hopes to take some of the economics from the cloud and apply them to scientific research.

Why is startup compensation so mysterious?

These days it is fairly easy to use a general rule of thumb to come up with the valuation a startup is likely to get from investors. However when it comes to hiring employees, no one really has a clue about how they should be compensated.

Keith Rabois* Is the New King of Y Combinator

Many Y Combinator startups from this summer’s class already have money in the bank, and many hit up the same angel investors. I conducted an informal survey of investors at YC’s Demo Day to ask how many of the companies they had already invested in.

VentureHacks wants to help you get “venture-hitched.”

Our friends over at VentureHacks, who’ve made it their business to help founders parse the arcana of term sheets, have gone soft. Recommended is a new site feature through which Venture Hacks community members endorse founders and their ideas to potential investors. Our beloved hackers are now matchmakers.

Here’ show Nivi and Naval introduced it yesterday:

The most common question we hear from entrepreneurs is, “Can you introduce me to investors?” Yes we can. We’re going to recommend startups on Venture Hacks. Investors are invited to subscribe to our recommendations. And everyone is welcome to recommend startups here. Request an invite if you want to help test the Recommended feature before we open it up—it’s also open for browsing in the meantime.

“It is really straightforward, simple and stupid. It’s like RSS for deal flow,” Nivi told us this morning. Think Twitter meets LinkedIn.

Here’s how it works… Read More about VentureHacks wants to help you get “venture-hitched.”