How to choose the best turn-by-turn app for your iOS device

As some app development teams race to include as many new features in their navigation apps as they can, others are creating complementary features outside those same apps. Perhaps there is no ‘one’ best solution anymore.

Free Help2Park for Android Finds Parking Spaces

How can navigation companies fight against the likes of free offerings such as Google Maps? They either have to create extra value in terms of data or the experience. Navigon takes a step towards doing that with a free Android app that finds nearby parking spots.

If You Can’t Beat ’em With GPS, Just Add Augmented Reality!

Navigon today introduced its MobileNavigator software, which brings GPS navigation to Google Android phones in the U.S. With such a similar feature set to Google’s free Navigation solution for Android, how can Navigon compete with a $40 app? By combining augmented reality with points of interest.