Comcast capitulates on data cap, but dodges net neutrality

Comcast plans to raise its broadband cap to 300 GB per month as it trials two new types of caps. The move is welcome one, but it neglects to address some of the net neutrality complaints that have arisen in the last few weeks about Comcast.

He said, she said: Is Comcast prioritizing traffic or not?

Comcast, once again, has some explaining to do. An engineer has conducted experiments that he says show the nation’s largest broadband provider is prioritizing traffic– something it’s not supposed to do under the conditions the government imposed when the cable company bought NBC-Universal.

Senator Franken sees through Comcast but will the FCC?

Sen. Al Franken has penned a letter to the FCC and the Department of Justice accusing the agencies of letting Comcast walk all over them when it comes to the conditions they imposed on the cable company when it purchased NBC-Universal.

The future of TV isn’t TV, it’s broadband.

As government strives to keep up with the broadband age, the Senate held a hearing covering the future of television, but midway through I realized that the Senate has it all wrong. The future of TV isn’t found in deregulation, it’s found on the Internet.

Fox Cuts off Hulu: Good and Bad for Cable Subscribers

The fight over how much Cablevision will pay Fox in retransmission fees escalated to a new level this morning as Fox had denied Cablevision’s broadband customers access to Hulu and other Fox-affiliated online content. The move shows how online video has grown in importance.

2010: The Year Comcast Embraces Convergence

Comcast today reported fourth-quarter and 2009 earnings that showed remarkable subscriber growth in a down economy. But this year could be a turning point for Comcast, which has laid the groundwork for fast, ubiquitous broadband while also trying to avoid becoming a dumb pipe.