March Madness is coming to YouTube with a new NCAA channel

YouTube viewers are getting their dose of March Madness this year in the form of short clips of game highlights as the action unfolds and video recaps of all 67 games, which will be made available as part of a new NCAA March Madness channel. The channel will also feature live streams from press conferences, as well as game previews and news and analysis clips. The one thing missing: Live streams of all the games. For that, users will still have to rely on streaming from CBS and Turner, some of which will once again only be available to pay TV subscribers.

March Madness online traffic declines, thanks to pay wall

Viewers who wanted to tune in to March Madness either had to pay a one-time fee or authenticate with their pay TV logins. That pay wall ended up causing fewer viewers to show up. But the decline wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Where to watch the NCAA Championship game live online

Want to watch the NCAA Championship game, but can’t make it back home to your TV in time tonight? No worries, there are plenty of sites and apps that help you to tune in live or keep track of the action.

Where to Watch March Madness Online, On the iPad & On Your iPhone

It’s that time of year again: The top NCAA men’s basketball teams will battle it out through a month-long tournament in March and April. This year March Madness on Demand will be available for free live streaming online, on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

March Madness on Demand Remains Free, Adds iPad App

Turner Sports is taking over March Madness on Demand, but have no fear, college basketball fans — the broadband service will still be free. Live games will be on the iPad for the first time and mobile apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be free.