Cable guys to FCC: ISPs aren’t the bottleneck, Google is!

In a surprise move, the National Cable and Telecommunication Association used the results of today’s FCC report on broadband quality to congratulate cable … and to acuse Google and Netflix of slowing down the user experience. Here’s what’s behind its crazy claims.

Cable association to FCC: AllVid is DOA

Writing on behalf of the NCTA, former FCC Chairman Michael Powell cited the wide array of TV apps popping up on connected TVs, tablets and mobile devices at this year’s Cable Show were proof that the FCC’s suggested AllVid standard will be unnecessary.

NCTA Prez Refutes Charges Over TV Everywhere ‘Collusion’

NCTA president Kyle McSlarrow today issued an extended rebuttal to charges from consumer watchdog group Free Press that TV Everywhere initiatives stemmed from collusion among cable programmers and distributors to stifle competition in the online video market.

Based on a report it issued entitled TV Competition Nowhere: How the Cable Industry Is Colluding to Kill Online TV, Free Press called for an investigation by federal antitrust agencies and Congress into the anti-competitive nature of TV Everywhere programs.

Arguing that the cable incumbents are using TV Everywhere as a way to “preserve the current market structure and prevent disruptive competition,” the group also chides the industry for not including online-only distributors of content. “By design, this plan will exclude disruptive new entrants and result in fewer choices and higher prices for consumers,” the report claims.

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Vid-Biz: Super Bowl, NCTA, Bardem

Super Bowl Ads to Cost $3M; and that’s just the entry-level spot. (The Wall Street Journal)

NCTA President: “Broadband providers do not block access to content”; Kyle McSlarrow testifies on Capital Hill that there is “no market failure” warranting Net Neutrality law. (Broadcasting and Cable)

Javier Bardem to do Web PSA; Academy Award-winning actor to appear in Spanish-language commercial to raise awareness about Saharan refugees. (Variety) Continues Record Growth; news site pulled in 221.7 million page views, 22 million unique viewers; video views up 50 percent over same time last year. (Lost Remote)

This Old House Crew Enters Blog Cabin; fans of the shows can vote online on the final design for a fire pit to be built by the collaboration. (Multichannel News)

It’s Jerry Time Creator Launching Online Animation Festival; Webjam will debut this month in Brookline, Mass., featuring web classics like JibJab and Happy Tree Friends. (WebJam)