Plug in the patient: A planetary monitoring network

Thank the humble, cheap sensor, the standard wireless radio and basic data bases for the future of planetary assistance. A massive sensor and data network called the National Ecological Observatory Network, or NEON, could go under construction as soon as this summer.

Tiny, Packed Handset Seeks Large Carrier for Fun, Profit

Neonode makes a tiny, gesture-driven GSM handset called the Neonode N2 that’s sexy and intuitive. Released five years after the N1 prototype, it packs rich multimedia capabilities, huge storage, and a unique navigation model consisting of thumb sweeps into an ergonomically satisfying design. And it’s made an impressive investment in CES real estate, as it’s now seeking partners to bring the N2 to North America.
Even though Neonode only makes one device, it has a necessarily wide variety of business models. That’s what you have to do if you’re a small player trying to grow despite the Byzantine regulations and regional licensing of wireless carriers.
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