Does big data really need custom hardware?

IBM and Cisco have both launched specialized hardware designed to securely and efficiently handle big data, but is there a large market for specialized big data gear? If there is such a market, are these the boxes that will fill it?

Coraid delivers its flexible cloud storage vision

Coraid built its business with fast-and-simple ATA-over-Ethernet storage which doesn’t require expensive infrastructure upgrades. Now it’s diving into software-configurable storage with EtherCloud which incorporates Yunteq cloud orchestration technology the company acquired last year.

EMC: Lenovo deal won’t impact Cisco relationship. Really.

The new deal between EMC and Lenovo to sell server-storage bundles could shake up hardware rivals including Dell, Hewlett-Packard and — perhaps most intriguingly — Cisco Systems. EMC, Cisco and VMware are partners on the VCE Vblock effort.

Because Hadoop isn’t perfect: 8 ways to replace HDFS

Hadoop is on its way to becomig the de facto platform for the next-generation of data-based applications, but it’s not without some flaws. Ironically, one of Hadoop’s biggest shortcomings right now is also one of its biggest strengths going forward — the Hadoop Distributed File System.

If EMC buys XtremIO, the flash war is on

The rumor mill is adamant that storage giant EMC is in serious talks to buy Israeli flash-storage startup XtremIO, a move that could trigger an avalanche of flash acquisitions rivaling the scale-out-file-system feeding frenzy a couple years ago. Here’s who might get bought.