Stick a fork in netbooks, they’re done

Goodbye Eee PC and all other netbooks from Asus; the company is no longer producing the small laptops. Acer followed Asus into the netbook market and is following it out as well. What happened to this once quickly growing market? Tablets disrupted the space.

How to get Windows 8 beta running on a netbook

Now that Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is available for testing, people have to consider where to install it. I have two old netbooks in the closet, just collecting dust; it turns out, netbooks should mostly work for Windows 8, provided you know the limitations and workarounds.

Cufflinks double as USB drive, Wi-Fi hotspot

The next time you struggle to buy a gift for the man with everything, consider a $250 set of cufflinks he likely doesn’t have. These aren’t just any old ones; how about a pair that doubles as a 2 GB flash drive and Wi-Fi hotspot?

Kickstarter effort turns netbooks into robots!

Got an old netbook? For a $225 Kickstarter pledge, you can turn a netbook into a telepresence robot, remotely controlling it over from a web browser or a smartphone. Over a web connection, you could even use the Oculus robot to speak with remote workers.

Report: HTC may build a Chromebook. Should they?

Smartphone and tablet maker HTC may dip a toe in the Chromebook pool. But based on reportedly low Chromebook sales, it may be a puddle, not a pool. HTC has shown product innovation before, but does it make sense to build a Chromebook now?

Feature wars and computing shifts: Netbook vs. Tablet

Tablets began outselling netbooks earlier this year, but the small laptops still have their fans. One person created a list of 101 things a netbook can do and it’s a great read. But I’d argue that most consumers are moving away from such traditional computing activities.

We have smart phones, but do we want dumb screens?

Do we only want dumb screens: the ability to get whatever content and services you want over the web instead of locked to a device? Today, the answer is we want it both ways, but in the future, dumb terminals with one exception: the smartphone.

Intel Hopes to Revive Notebook Market With Ultrabooks

Facing a growing challenge from mobile chips based on ARM architecture, Intel is coining a new name for old devices. Ultrabooks will be sub-$1,000 notebooks that are thin, light and more capable than netbooks. Is this a rehash of the failed CULV experiment from 2009?

Google Chromebooks: What You Need to Know

If netbook sales are declining, why would Google announce, not one but two new Chromebook devices with Chrome OS? Google’s web expertise has turned data synchronization into a core feature instead of a useful, but tricky add-on that traditional netbooks don’t deliver out of the box.