IBM tunes big data appliance to retailers

IBM is working the reins of its Smarter Commerce initiative by rolling out a new Netezza analytics appliance designed to help retailers churn through potentially petabytes of consumer sales data in real time. It’s trying to capitalize on the increased importance of e-commerce to revenues.

Birst, ParAccel team to put a pretty face on big data

In a meeting of analytics minds, Birst and ParAccel are putting Birst’s graphical reporting gloss atop ParAccel’s analytics database.
Deals like this are the latest proof that big data is important but the ability to put that data into a useable format is also key.

IBM buys Emptoris for supply chain analytics smarts

IBM is buying Emptoris, a specialist in supply chain and contract management analytics, in what is the latest example of an entrenched IT provider’s buying analytics and cloud capabilities. The move comes a week after IBM’s $440 million buyout of DemandTec.

Wikileaks’ Spy Files paints damning picture of tech surveillance

Wikileaks today released a database of tech providers that are involved in government tracking around the globe and quite a few familiar names are on the list, including Alcatel Lucent, Nokia and Cisco. Called The Spy Files, the project includes 287 records.

Why open source tools might need a hardware hook

The great things about open source software stacks is that they’re free and they work. The not-so-great thing is that — like many open source projects — they can be difficult to configure and manage. Luckily, hardware vendors are stepping in to fill the void.

5 cloud and big data insights from IBM’s earnings call

IBM shares were trading up Tuesday morning after it reported strong second-quarter results yesterday. While Big Blue got a profit boost from recently released mainframe products, it also gave us some indications for the future growth of the cloud and big data.

Building a Better Starbucks With Big Data

Data isn’t the solution to business problems. Pulling data into applications and using it to make decisions and improve the user experience is the way to solve business problems said Jim Baum, the CEO of Netezza, at Structure Big Data.

Making Hadoop Work in More Places With Hadapt

A Yale computer science project has turned into a company giving Hadoop the ability to perform analytics on both structured and unstructured data. Hadapt launched today with an undisclosed amount of funding and the goal of making Hadoop more broadly applicable for analytics.

IBM Creates Big Data Frankenstein with Netezza-R Fusion

IBM and Revolution Analytics have brought together SQL queries and predictive analytics by integrating R Enterprise statistical analysis software with IBM’s Netezza TwinFin data warehouse appliance. It’s part of a significant evolution in analytics strategies as big data becomes a big issue for all types organizations.