InterContinental uses hotels as incubators and relies on the cloud

InterContinental Hotels Group, the luxury hotel chain, has spent the last five and half years creating a technology platform for its business that helps it span multiple brands, cultures and continents, according to Tom Conophy, EVP and CIO of the hotel company.

Who’ll do data integration 2.0?

With so many remote workers using so many different cloud-based services to manage every aspect of their jobs, it’s possible companies are losing access to lots of valuable information. That means there’s a business opportunity for someone willing to step up and solve the problem.

Can we build enterprise software that doesn’t suck?’s CEO Aaron Levie told the Net:Work conference that the key to making better enterprise software is to learn from consumer software and service companies, and make tools that are easy for users instead of just trying to lock them in to a specific platform.

Want to make the enterprise social? Learn from Excel.

Podio CEO Tommy Ahlers is looking to a very unlikely place to figure out the future of social software in the enterprise: Excel. Spreadsheets have been inspiring people for years to customize solutions to their needs. Now it’s time to take that spirit to enterprise apps.

Machines will help humans harness the power of social

Social is no guarantee of effectiveness in an organization because it creates unnecessary friction as people try to figure out how to work in new ways, according to David Gutelius, the Chief Social Scientist at Jive Software, speaking at the GigaOM Net:Work event.

How and why robots are placeshifting remote workers

Imagine a future where you could take over the body of a robot from home and use it to do work at your office. Even better, when you finished your tasks, what if another remote employee could “beam in” to the same robot to get their tasks done? That’s not science fiction: It’s reality thanks to web-connected robots.

Chromebooks: Google’s next uphill battle

Getting enterprise customers excited about Chromebooks can be an uphill battle – but for Google’s Rajen Sheth, it’s a deja vu. Sheth is known as the father of Google apps, and said at Net:Work Thursday that Google’s enterprise product was initially met with similar resistance.

Looking for executive talent in all the wrong places

You might think that tech companies are more flexible and resourceful in seeking out the best talent. But you would be wrong, said Allen Delattre, global managing director for technology for Korn/Ferry International, the big executive recruitment firm.

How tablets can make meetings less painful

Those of you who hate meetings and can’t stand endless PowerPoint-based presentations, there’s hope. Todd Barr, chief marketing officer of Alfresco had some encouraging solutions for how to improve them at GigaOM’s Net:Work 2011 conference on Thursday: use tablets.

Work 3.0 is just getting underway, says oDesk’s Gary Swart

Gary Swart, CEO of freelancer sourcing site oDesk took the stage at Net:Work 2011 to talk about how work is changing in the face of remote work trends. He started by pointing to a key competitive determinator all companies seek and must compete for: talent.