By 2020, independent workers will be the majority

Freelancers, consultants and other independent workers account for 16 million people in the country now and will become a majority by 2020, predicts Gene Zaino, CEO of MBO Partners. The company projects there will be 65 to 70 million independent workers in the next decade

Controlling your destiny in the new talent economy

Thanks to global connectivity and networking sites like LinkedIn, workers now have more ability to take charge of their professional lives than ever before. At GigaOM’s Net:Work conference, LinkedIn SVP Deep Nishar highlighted how it’s trying to provide tools to make users more productive and successful.

Net:Work live video coverage

Today at Net:Work 2011, we’ll look at how many things once considered the future of work are already here, and what changes are headed our way in years to come. If you can’t attend in person, watch our live video coverage of the event here.

Is the future of work robots and biometrics? [video]

Will the future of work be filled with robots powered by remote humans? Will there even be a “place” to work, or will that shift online, too? Elance CEO, Fabio Rosati gives us some big thoughts on where the workplace is headed.

Cohuman + Mindjet = Idea management from inception to execution

A year ago at Net: Work 2010 the audience crowned social task management product Cohuman with the people’s choice award. The company was also a Future Ideas Launchpad finalist. So what’s happened to the company since it made a big splash at last year’s conference?

Coworking spaces get creative to raise awareness

Coworking is a well-established trend in some areas, yet as coworking spaces expand into new cities, the owners need to educate people about the benefits and engage in some creative marketing to lure entrepreneurs in.