Can LTE-broadcast dam the mobile video deluge?

By multicasting popular content over cellular networks, carriers figure they can conserve valuable 4G capacity. But as consumers use their smartphones and tablets to personalize their multimedia consumption, the ship may have already sailed on multicast’s potential.

Who says Wi-Fi offload is just for data?

Operators may be using Wi-Fi to move data packets off of their 3G and 4G networks, but they could be shipping all kinds of mobile traffic via Wi-Fi. Kineto’s new smartphone software makes the world of Wi-Fi hotspots one big off-ramp for voice, SMS and MMS

How BitTorrent wants to save the Internet

This week’s talk about usage-based billing has been a bit of a deja vu for BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker, who thinks the solution isn’t to charge or slow down customers. Instead, he believes smart technology can solve our problems and save the Internet in the process.

Home With the Flu? No YouTube for You!

GAOThe U.S. Government  Accountability Office yesterday released a report outlining the effect that a swine flu epidemic might have on our broadband infrastructure. It appears to be an effort to goad the Department of Homeland Security to come up with some way to ensure that the Internet keeps functioning for essential communications and financial transactions if a large chunk of the country calls in sick or is ordered to stay home. Turns out that H1N1-related illness will lead to network congestion, according to the hysterical report out from the government watchdog agency. Read More about Home With the Flu? No YouTube for You!