T-Mobile may not get the iPhone 5, but it’s getting its SIM cards

Reports are coming in that T-Mobile will start selling the nano-SIM in October, and you know what that means. It will be able to activate unlocked iPhone 5s on its network. Most customers will still be limited to 2G speeds, but that’s changing quickly.

What’s AT&T planning? Hidden specs unearthed in the GSM iPhone 5

FCC documentation reveals there are two more LTE bands hidden within AT&T’s version of the new iPhone 5: PCS and cellular. The thing is there are no networks at either frequency today that could connect to the device. Could AT&T be planning a massive network overhaul?

iPhone 5 is ripe for T-Mobile once it finishes network overhaul

No iPhone for T-Mobile, but exasperated T-Mo customers, take heart. The iPhone 5’s configuration aligns perfectly with the new network upgrades T-Mobile is rolling out today. It will take a year for the network to be fully LTE compatible, but T-Mobile isn’t waiting that long.