5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Another Freelance Endeavor

Apart from being a blogger, I also dabble in comics and illustration.  My friends from college where I was majoring in Fine Arts want to band together and start an illustration studio early next year.  This leads me to wonder whether I’m ready to start another freelance endeavor.
I’m not the only freelancer who faces this kind of situation.  Freelancers are used to wearing different hats and providing a variety of services.  Odds are, you needed to do a bit of SEO on your own site.  Or you had to design your own site early in your career when you were low on capital.  The diverse tasks we need to accomplish often lead us to learning new skills which may be applied professionally.
But if you’ve designed a website that converts well, or started an SEO campaign that makes your site the first in a long line of search engine results, does that mean you should be a professional web designer or an SEO consultant?  To answer this big question, you need to ask yourself five simpler questions first.
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YouTube Holds Auditions for Red Carpet Reporter

People.com has just launched a channel on YouTube along with a Revlon-sponsored competition to co-host red carpet footage from the Emmy Awards this year. YouTube is heralding the deal as its first-ever co-branded competition, which is significant, because usually people come to YouTube to reach a big audience, not the other way around. People.com had 9.2 million unique visitors in May while YouTube had 66 million, according to comScore.

If you want to chat up celebs on the red carpet this fall, you’d better do your best to keep your cool while you interview friends and family for a 2-4 minute audition clip to be submitted on YouTube by July 21. Finalists will undergo the democratic gauntlet on YouTube and People.com. The prize is a trip to LA, plus hair, makeup, and access.

Recent Office 2007 docs: the gadget

Recent_docs_widgetNeed a Vista gadget that shows your recent Office docs? Have no fear: the gadget is here! Eric Charran picked up on it (I found his post via The Hive) and it works very well provided you’re using Office 2007. If so, you don’t need to rely on Start, Recent Items, which doesn’t just limit itself to docs in the first place. A useful gadget to save some mouse clicks or pen taps if you’re a heavy-duty Office 2007 user.