What makes a free trial work (or not)

Do limited time try-before-buying offers work for tech vendors? That’s the question Totango addressed in new research that shows that companies can boost their conversion rate simply by paying attention to the people who sign up and — shocker — communicating with them.

How big data will change networking

What if you could know everything about your network? And instead of getting snapshots you could see the path of every packet and run analytics on that stream of data in real time? It’s the difference between watching a cartoon and viewing a flip book.

Newvem nets $4M to scan Amazon’s cloud

Newvem, the Israeli startup that’s making a name for itself analyzing Amazon Web Services usage for potential customers, netted $4 million in Series A funding led by Greylock Partners. Index Ventures and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors are also participating.

What can system data tell you about your app? Everything.

Web companies like Google and Facebook invest incredible resources in making sure they know everything about their infrastructures and how server-level issues are affecting the applications that comprise their lifeblood. The rest of the business world is now catching on.

Reorg complete, Cisco hops back on the acquisition trail

Cisco, an incredibly active acquirer, is ready to start doing deals again, according to John Chambers. We think it should be focusing on the cloud and beefing up its core networking skills by buying some of the companies we list in our story.

New Relic finally raises more money, adds $15M

New Relic, the cloud-based startup that has become synonymous with the term “lean startup,” has raised a $15 million expansion round. It actually closed a $10 million round in October 2010 and has now raised $35 million in total, the venture funding belies New Relic’s success.

New Relic adds server monitoring to its SaaS mix

SaaS startup New Relic made its name monitoring application performance, but it has added server monitoring to the mix to make the service more functional. It’s actually a natural fit, though, as server issues can have a big impact on how an application is running.