For startups transparency is transformative

Startup founders and company leaders are the ones who define its culture. By being open and transparent, they build a company with a healthy and a positive outlook. On the flip side, culture of fear and hiding erodes trust and proves to be counterproductive.

New Relic Now Monitors User Experience in Real Time

Software-as-a-Service startup New Relic has added a new, and free, capability to its application-performance management product that lets customers monitor their users’ experiences in real time. The bigger picture is how New Relic continues to show the way to do SaaS in a cloud-computing world.

SaaS Sales Wars: Consumerize IT or Retain the Status Quo?

Thanks to SaaS, the marketplace for business software in many ways reflects the way consumers have acquired web-based goods and services for years. The expectation is that by making the technology easy to acquire, early customers will use it and influence broader adoption in their organizations.

The Consumerization of IT

In the last decade, the web has brought us countless technologies which enable consumers to get things done simply and without fuss.  So why, at a typical large company, are the applications so bloated and complex? Bring on simplified software and deployment: the consumerization of IT.

New Relic Gets Another $10M, Proves SaaS Profitability

SaaS startup New Relic has received an additional $10 million in funding for its application performance management offering that targets both data centers and the cloud. That brings its total to $20 million, which the company says is far more than it needs to be profitable.

Ruby Gets Some Enterprise-level Support

As Ruby on Rails rose to prominence in the last few years, the platform has faced derision from some programmers over its inability to scale for enterprise applications. Ruby on Rails might be good for making interactive web pages, but it was no C or Java. Benchmark Capital aims to change that with an investment of $3.5 million in New Relic Inc. out of Menlo Park, Calif.

Lew Cirne, the founder of Wily Technology, has created New Relic to do for Ruby on Rails what Wily did for Java 10 years ago. In a nod to the current business environment, New Relic will deliver its Ruby on Rails application management software as a service rather than as shrinkware. Cirne says the fact that the Ruby language ad the Ruby on Rails platform made it a nice target for possible enterprise adoption.

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