Drowning in Goal Setting? Go Simple

The new year began with a flood of articles on goal setting, planning, and reviewing. The people in these articles had one thing in common: passion. So, I reflected on what I love, and put together a short list of rules (not goals) for my business:

Apple Says “The Holiday Lineup is Set,” Nothing More, Nothing less

ref_phil_schillerSometimes, like today for instance, I think Apple’s (s aapl) PR department is given only one mandate: to confuse and titillate. Why today especially? They just contacted Gizmodo to notify them that while Gizmodo has Phil Schiller saying there won’t be any new Apple products this year…the actual quote is “the holiday lineup is set.”

So Apple seems to have gone out of its way to make sure that Giz doesn’t go around paraphrasing execs when the blog should be reporting exact quotes, even though Jesus Diaz, who penned the article, never claimed it was a direct quote in the first place. Weird? Yes. Cause for speculation? Yes.

The trouble started with a media briefing between Apple and Gizmodo Editorial Director Brian Lam about the recent introduction of the redesigned iMac, MacBook, and Magic Mouse. Jesus Diaz today posted an article on Giz in which he attempted to quell further product speculation about the holiday season by paraphrasing Schiller’s assertion that what we see now is what we get in terms of holiday offerings from Cupertino. Read More about Apple Says “The Holiday Lineup is Set,” Nothing More, Nothing less

Open Thread: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

I’m planning to have a good 2009 – and this is going to be the year that I actually plan that. I’ve managed to muddle through the past couple of years of web working without any major plans, but like many of you, the economy has me worried. So I’ve set myself some quarterly goals of how I want my business to be doing – in terms of income stream and diversification – and my main resolution is to actually keep those goals in front of me and work towards them.

There’s plenty of debate about how useful resolutions are, or whether there’s some more productive way to spend the last or first day of the year. But they’re certainly traditional, and this is a good time to take stock. According to myGoals.com, you can increase you chances of following through by having a written plan – so why not share the resolution with the rest of us, as a first step towards writing it down?

2009 is the year you resolve to …

New iMacs Before The Holidays?

Apparently not content with an entirely revamped notebook line, rumors are circulating that Apple will also introduce refreshed 20 and 24-inch iMacs before year’s end. If true, new iMacs would be in keeping with earlier rumors that they would see spec bumps alongside the introduction of the new MacBooks.
While details remain scarce on what specific updates will be forthcoming, it is fairly safe to assume that no major design changes will be introduced, since the aluminum iMac has provided the template for the new look of the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and 24-inch Cinema display. Some sources, though not reliable, are suggesting a new 30-inch form factor that would retain the black-framed look.
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