How Codecademy got so hot, so fast

Codecademy, which teaches users how to program for free with an interactive and social web application, has garnered more than 1 million users in less than five months. We talked to co-founder and CEO Zach Sims about how Codecademy started and where it’s going.

3 simple tips for getting to inbox zero with Apple Mail

A common New Year’s resolution is getting more organized, and email is often very much in need of organization. I’ve long been a fan of the “Inbox Zero” philosophy. It’s easier than you think to accomplish, and these simple tips will help you get there.

The weekend review: trend watch 2012

The most popular articles on Pro this week focused on emerging trends and predictions for 2012, with a particular focus on the cloud computing, social media, enterprise and collaboration spaces.

5 tips for using your Apple gear to stay fit and healthy in 2012

Losing weight is on a lot of people’s minds post-New Year, so this is a perfect time to revisit tips and tricks about how to use Apple technologies to help you get healthier in 2012. Attitude, food and activity monitoring can contribute to a healthier you.

New Year’s resolution checklist: Daily backups

A new year is a perfect time to talk about ways to protect your data. You should be backing up and you know it, and if you are already backing up, it’s time to test your strategy and include things you may be forgetting.

Meet the Analyst: introducing Jo Maitland

Each week, GigaOM Pro chats with one of our analysts to find out which technologies they read about, write about and can’t live without. This week, we talk to Jo Maitland, the newest member of the GigaOM Pro team and our brand-new infrastructure/cloud curator.

12 things in tech that won’t change in 2012

Everyone likes to share their predictions for what the future will bring in technology as a new year dawns. But some things seem to manage to stay the same, despite anticipation to the contrary. Here’s where I think the boat won’t rock in 2012.

The subsidy game for fossil fuels

At midnight on New Year’s Day the Department of the Treasury’s Section 1603 cash grants program expired, dashing the hopes of those who have expressed legitimate concern that the end of various grants and tax credits will further devastate the embattled solar industry. And yet, when it comes to subsidies, support for fossil fuels continues to grow and nobody blinks an eye. While the reasons for this are many and complex, the impact is that we never know the true cost of power and fuel and that alternative energy has to compete on some uneven terrain.