Plagiarism, defamation and the power of hyperlinks

If Fareed Zakaria and Jonah Lehrer had spent more time linking to the original sources of content they used in their writing, they wouldn’t have faced accusations of plagiarism. Their cases and a recent defamation lawsuit against Gawker Media help reinforce the value of the hyperlink.

Is Facebook Stories the next Patch, Flipboard, HuffPo or something else?

Facebook Stories, a new original content site that will focus on a different theme each month, is intended to highlight Facebook users’ stories. But with a former Time magazine reporter overseeing an editorial team, does the company have something bigger in mind for Facebook Stories?

After fabricating Bob Dylan quotes, Jonah Lehrer resigns from the New Yorker

Science writer Jonah Lehrer is resigning from his position as a staff writer at the New Yorker, following the discovery by Tablet magazine that Lehrer fabricated Bob Dylan quotations in his bestselling book “Imagine.” Lehrer’s publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, will stop selling the book.