Live blog: Facebook’s News Feed redesign event

Starting at 10am PT, we’ll be live-blogging Facebook’s News Feed announcement from Menlo Park. Stay tuned for updates on how Facebook has rethought one of its most important features.

Digg launches Newswire, but will anyone care?

Digg has launched a new feature called Newswire that it hopes can make it a player again in the field of social news-sharing services — but after a disastrous redesign and the departure of its founder, can copycat features bring back any of Digg’s faded glory?

Oops! TouchTunes funding details leaked on Google+

Music streaming company TouchTunes is said to have secured $45 million in Series E funding at a $300 million valuation. Although those are some pretty impressive figures, the news is perhaps most notable for how it’s been made public — through an apparently accidental email address typo.

Facebook Granted News Feed Patent

Facebook was on Tuesday granted a U.S. patent for aspects of its news feed, as was first reported by AllFacebook. The patent is particularly valuable because news-feed style communication has become pervasive since it was launched on Facebook.