NewsCred gets $25M to expand its growing media tech empire

Is NewsCred a news company or an ad company or a software service? The answer is all three. That, along with its partnerships with names like the New York Times and P&G, is a big reason to take notice of the young company.

Content newswire NewsCred buys cloud publisher Daylife

NewsCred is a digital newswire that has found success by eliminating licensing and technology friction between publishers and those who want their content. Now, it has acquired a popular platform of publishing tools.

Technology, middlemen and the future of news

The internet is supposed to be about the end of intermediaries. Then why are middlemen so successful? For years, aggregators have ruled the content space and now a new breed of brokers is using technology to redefine the interaction between readers and publishers.

NewsCred gets $4 million to reinvent the newswire

NewsCred, which started off trying to filter the news for consumers based on credibility, has created what it says is the modern digital version of a traditional newswire and signed up more than 750 sources including mainstream publishers such as Forbes and The Guardian.