Sub-compact media: Rethinking the way we publish online

Many publishers seem to assume that the best way to publish their content online is to try and recreate the look and feel of the printed product they are trying to replace, but a better approach is to strip away everything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Next Issue, magazines and paving media cow paths

Publishers may see Next Issue Media’s virtual newsstand as a solution to their digital problems, but it doesn’t fit the way growing numbers of people consume content. For them, the newsstand is already an anachronism, and recreating it in digital form isn’t going to help.

iPad magazine bundler LeKiosk tries to crack UK, Italy

To Zinio and iTunes Newsstand, now add another iPad magazine aggregator. LeKiosk, which launched in France in January 2011, is now launching in the UK on Monday, and is seeking funding for further internationalisation.

iPad users don’t mind paying for news

iPad users are forking over plenty of money to read their favorite digital publications on Apple’s iPad. In the U.S., the top 100 grossing publications in Apple’s Newsstand in February made more than $70,000 per day, according to Distimo. Pretty good for a five-month old product.

Comparing Zinio, Kindle and Newsstand apps for iPad magazine reading

While the iPad has solved the problem of too many paper magazines accumulating in my office, it has created another problem — me spending way too much on impulse magazine purchases. Here are my experiences with Zinio, the Amazon Kindle app and Apple’s Newsstand.