Facebook goes after Techmeme with the launch of Techwire

Facebook has launched a new tech-focused version of its Newswire called FB Techwire, which it says it hopes will become a resource for technology journalists — a shot across the bow of existing aggregators like Techmeme

NewsCred gets $4 million to reinvent the newswire

NewsCred, which started off trying to filter the news for consumers based on credibility, has created what it says is the modern digital version of a traditional newswire and signed up more than 750 sources including mainstream publishers such as Forbes and The Guardian.

Digg launches Newswire, but will anyone care?

Digg has launched a new feature called Newswire that it hopes can make it a player again in the field of social news-sharing services — but after a disastrous redesign and the departure of its founder, can copycat features bring back any of Digg’s faded glory?