Hulu CEO Jason Kilar on Hulu Plus, IPO, Studios [Video]

Hulu today announced a $2 price cut on its for-pay subscription service, Hulu Plus, reducing the price to $7.99, hoping it will goose revenues further in 2011. In this video chat from NTV Live, CEO Jason Kilar talks about company’s strategy, IPO and Hulu Plus.

NewTeeVee Live 2010 in the News!

Of course we were excited about all the amazing news that was announced at our NewTeeVee Live conference yesterday, but we weren’t the only ones that took notice — news organizations like the Associated Press, USA Today, TechCrunch, Reuters and others reported breaking news from our show.

Behind the Livestream Boom

The amount of live video watched online grew more than 600 percent over the past year. At GigaOM’s NewTeeVee Live conference, executives from livestream providers UStream, LiveStream and, plus the head of YouTube’s new livestream product, gave their take on what’s driving that growth.

The Social Innovation of Glee!

The celebrity tweet: good or bad? For the wildly popular television show Glee! it’s been a great success, though Fox VP of Innovation Hardie Tankersley admits that companies need to tread carefully in the Twitterverse.

Bram Cohen on the Future of BitTorrent

What’s next for BitTorrent, a company that initially tried to establish a peer-to-peer-based download store for mainstream Hollywood, then aimed to help publishers distribute bits more effectively? Co-founder and chief scientist Bram Cohen explained at NewTeeVee Live that the company is focusing its efforts on livestreaming.

35 Hours of Video a Minute Now Uploaded to YouTube

More than 35 hours are uploaded to YouTube every minute, Google’s Hunter Walk announced at NewTeeVee Live today. But the conversation focused on YouTube’s increasing multi-platform approach to content distribution, with a focus moving, in Walk’s words, “from a device-centric world to a user-centered world.”

The Future of the Screen is the App

At NewTeeVee Live, Schematic’s chief creative officer Dale Herigstad explains that the future of the screen is layered, a single space, branded and looks like an iPhone app.

What “Normal People” Want from TV

Most people just want to watch TV. They want it to be simple, and it should “just work.” Speaking today at GigaOM’s NewTeeVee Live conference, Peter Merholz, the president of user experience design firm Adaptive Path, explained, “People want the same media experience they’ve always had.”

When It Comes to Apps on TV, Keep it Simple

Televisions have been in homes for decades but only in the last three years has Samsung rolled out broadband connected TV, so Olivier Manuel, director of content at Samsung Electronics America says his company has to straddle the line between early adopters and a wider audience.

Software Can Bridge the Divide for Internet TV Viewers

The fight for the TV audience doesn’t have to be a face off between the walled gardens of cable and satellite companies and new connected devices, said Buddy Snow, senior director of solutions marketing for Motorola Mobility’s broadband home solutions at NewTeeVee Live conference. He said the two can co-exist and create a winning proposition for consumers.