Google TV Exec: Cord Cutting Is ‘Not Happening’

It’s a good thing that the Logitech Revue set-top box isn’t an ideal cord cutting device, since Google TV product lead Rishi Chandra said he doesn’t believe cord cutting is actually happening. Chandra also said that Google TV isn’t meant to replace cable anyway. CEO: Turning Viewers Into Fans, Video Into Dollars

Making online video content is one thing. Making money from it is quite another, and can be credited with coming about as close as anyone to helping content producers monetize their videos. CEO Mike Hudack told NewTeeVee Live attendees today how his company helps producers.

TV Shows Have Become a Two-Way Conversation

The creators of Lost and Heroes told the NewTeeVee Live conference that now is one of the most exciting times to be a storyteller, because the web — along with social networks and mobile devices — allow writers to take their stories in new directions.

DIY Distribution Requires Sleepless Nights & Groupon

Social media and new online services have changed the way folks can distribute their own films, and Oren Jacob explained today at the NewTeeVee Live event how he spends much of his evenings trying to distribute his film about competitive grocery bagging.

Adobe CTO: Actually, Your MacBook Battery Will Be Fine

No, you don’t have to turn off Flash to save battery life of your MacBook Air, said Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch at NewTeeVee Live today. Lynch pointed out that Adobe has been doing a lot to optimize battery life and video playback on all platforms.

Chatroulette Piano Improv Guy, Merton, Evolves

How will Merton, the improv piano guy who got famous via Chatroulette, evolve? He tells the crowd at NewTeeVee Live he plans to keep performing live events, interacting with his audience and signing deals with companies that can fund him.

Hulu Brings in the Dough: $240M of Revenue in 2010

Hulu is going to make more than $240 million in revenue in 2010, the company’s CEO Jason Kilar revealed at NewTeeVee Live today. Hulu had 30 million users in October 2010, who watched some 260 million content streams as well as 800 million ad streams.

NBA Goes for a Full Court Press for Online Viewers

After branching out to mobile and online, the NBA is coming full circle to the TV set, focusing on TV app distribution. Bryan Perez of NBA Digital said the league plans to be on the top five TV manufacturers by the end of the season.

NewTeeVee Live 2010: Live Coverage

With the rise of cord-cutting, streaming TV, and the app-ification of TV, the online video industry is changing dramatically. That’s why the theme of our fourth annual NewTeeVee Live event is Television Reinvented. Watch the livestream and follow the live blog here, starting at 8:15 am PT.