Fill Your Grill With Kanye, Whedon and YouTube

You just had to squeeze a little more work in on this Fourth of July holiday, didn’t you? Well, we’re glad you stopped by. But before your fire up the BBQ, take a minute to catch up on what you might have missed over at NewTeeVee.

A federal judge ordered YouTube to hand over its user data to Viacom. If it stands (the Electronic Frontier Foundation says the judge’s order violates federal law), that means Viacom will know all about your secret obsession with making Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” the most-watched video of all time.

Two big-name Hollywood types (and fanboy faves), Seth MacFarlane and Joss Whedon, are experimenting with new content models online. MacFarlane (“Family Guy”) will create “Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy,” an animated series with a multimillion-dollar budget that will be distributed by Google AdSense to targeted sites. Whedon, on the other hand, will release his musical web series “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” in three parts for free, online, for a limited time, then yank them off the web and make the whole show available for purchase.

Speaking of innovative distribution, after being disappointed with the token theatrical release of his indie film “The Nines,” director John August said that “leaking” the film on P2P networks would have built better buzz for the film than playing Sundance. Take that, Robert Redford!

And finally, what better way to wash down those hot dogs than with a little vodka. Kanye West is the latest pitchman for Absolut and created a kooky (though unoriginal) infauxmercial to hawk the beverage.

Now be done with work. Go outside and enjoy the holiday!

Movie Clips on Skype? Sure, Why Not?

eBay and by proxy Skype wants to do just more than IM and voice chats. And that is why they’re pushing the service, and its clients, into new directions — from telepresence to video to whatever they can think of next. (My inner skeptic says they have to keep that user base growing in order to spin out or sell Skype.)

According to NewTeeVee, Skype today signed a new deal with San Francisco-based Jaman that “will let Skype users insert film clips into their conversations to share with friends. The new service will be available on Skype over the coming months.”

The way it’s supposed to work is this: Read More about Movie Clips on Skype? Sure, Why Not?

NewTeeVee…One Year Young

Can you believe it? It was exactly a year ago when NewTeeVee launched, with one mission: to chronicle the fast-changing world of online video and peer into the future of television.

A year later, everything has changed, and so much has happened. Writers are fighting the studios over monies made from the Internet, YouTube and Viacom are in the courts, and watching “Casino Royale” on an N95 doesn’t seem so awkward.

Funny — we almost forgot about it today, for it has been a busy day in the world of online video. (Also, Liz’s note on NTV) Chris, Jackson, Janko, Craig, Karina and a whole lot of others have followed Liz’s lead and created a thriving and energetic community, thanks to their meticulous, interesting and well-written posts — about 1,887 of them.

Some members of the original team have left to go on to great things, and to them we say thank you! Joey Wan, though less visible, has played a crucial role in the evolution of NewTeeVee, helping organize our Pier Screenings (four in San Francisco and one in New York) and NewTeeVee Live. Please join me in wishing the NewTeeVee crew a Happy Birthday!

Most importantly, thank you readers! And now back to regular programing.

Hulu, NBC-News Corp Online Service Launches


[qi:_newteevee] The long-awaited and much-derided NBC (GE) and News Corp (NWS) joint venture Hulu will make a somewhat public debut this week, opening up a private beta tonight of its web video service and initiating distribution of its movies, TV shows, and mashups on AOL (TWX), Comcast (CMCSA), MSN (MSFT), MySpace, and Yahoo (YHOO). Full report on Will it be able to beat YouTube and other players in the online video portal game? Take our poll (below the fold)

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