Next Issue, magazines and paving media cow paths

Publishers may see Next Issue Media’s virtual newsstand as a solution to their digital problems, but it doesn’t fit the way growing numbers of people consume content. For them, the newsstand is already an anachronism, and recreating it in digital form isn’t going to help.

Next Issue brings 39 all-you-can-read magazines to iPad

Next Issue Media’s tablet magazines are finally available for the iPad, three months after the platform launched on Android 3.0. Users can read popular magazines like People, Vogue and the New Yorker for a flat monthly fee. So is the cost worth it?

A Netflix for magazines and the atomization of attention

Next Issue Media’s newly launched digital news-stand has been called a “Netflix for magazines.” But while it may be an improvement over the current Balkanized state of the digital magazine market, does it really fit the way that people want to consume digital content now?

All-you-can-read tablet mags…unless you have iPad or Kindle Fire

Magazine joint venture Next Issue Media goes live with its long-delayed digital newsstand. Users will be able to read popular magazines for a flat fee — if they have a tablet running Android 3.0 or later. For now, iPad and Kindle Fire users need not apply.