Secret startup OnBeep aims to fill push-to-talk void

So what’s Opscode founder Jesse Robbins up to? His startup OnBeep appears to be working on ways to enable smart phones to pull double duty as walkie-talkie devices often used by first responders and blue-collar workers.

Push-to-pay: It’s about to get expensive to stay on Nextel

Sprint plans to shutter its old Nextel iDEN systems for good next summer, but before it can do so it needs to migrate millions of customers still using the network. In January, Sprint will start charing a $10 monthly fee to Nextel iDEN customers.

Sprint replacing Nextel network relic with LTE in 2014

For the last year Sprint has been talking up how it would replace its old Nextel iDEN systems with a shiny new LTE network, but until today it hadn’t revealed when. On Thursday, Sprint network engineering president Steve Elfman provided that critical detail, 2014, FierceWireless reported.

Sprint can barely wait to rid itself of Nextel network

For the first time in six years, Sprint’s aging Nextel and wireline businesses didn’t overwhelm all positive gains from its primary CDMA business in its quarterly results. Still, Sprint is anxious to shed the Nextel albatross and Wednesday detailed its plans to shut down iDEN.

When is your Nextel service going kaput? There’s a map for that

It’s no secret that Sprint plans to shut down its iDEN network in 2013, but until recently the details of how it would sunset it were a secret. Over the weekend, new maps appeared on the Sprint website that identify the individual cell sites being decommissioned.

Sprint Fends off iPhone Challenge, Adds Subscribers

Despite the introduction of the iPhone on Verizon, Sprint Nextel managed to hold its own and actually improved in almost every way, adding 1.1 million net wireless subscribers, reducing its churn to record levels and improving average revenue per user.