With Foursquare Out of the Picture, Facebook Buys Nextstop

Facebook has acquired Nextstop, a user-generated travel recommendation site founded by former Google product managers that launched a year ago. This comes after Facebook’s publicized non-consummated deal to buy Foursquare, another location startup that’s had much more uptake.

Who Will Foster the Great Location API?

[qi:gigaom_icon_geolocation] Nextstop, a user-generated travel site, is releasing an API for its location-specific short-form recommendations. The self-funded company, founded by former Google product managers, only launched in June and has attracted low hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, however it has ambitious plans to be a global (read: not hubbed around a few cities like Yelp) and comprehensive resource of recommended places and activities. Read More about Who Will Foster the Great Location API?

Nextstop Wants To Be Yelp For Travelers

nextstop-mapNewly launched Nextstop is aiming to be a sort of Yelp for travelers, drawing on a community of users who recommend things to do around the world and in their own hometowns. Founded by a pair of former Google product managers, the service seems useful enough, if you’re looking for vegetarian restaurants in Denver, towns on the Basque coast, or places to get mugged in San Francisco. But Nextstop is also rooted in an ad-driven, community-based model that’s proving to be slow and increasingly difficult to monetize — if it ever catches on at all. Read More about Nextstop Wants To Be Yelp For Travelers