Getting started with NFC on the phone and in the home

Don’t think that wireless NFC tags are just for mobile payments. You can do practically anything with them if you know how to program them with small bits of data. Some free apps make this easy and I’m already on the NFC bandwagon at home.

Nexus 4 changing from “sold out” to “available” in US

If you missed out on the first run of Nexus 4 smartphones from Google, you get a second chance on Tuesday, provided you live in the U.S. Google notified potential customers of new stock available, but still needs to improve the direct to consumer buying experience.

Nexus 4 reviewed: A fantastic phone, even without LTE

I tend to upgrade my Nexus phone every other year. Is the Nexus 4 good enough to change my mind and cause me to upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus in just a year? There are many reasons to say yes, even without LTE support.

Android 4.2 starts rolling out to Nexus devices

Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are now on sale and ship with Android 4.2, which brings a number of software improvements and new features to the platform. Older Nexus devices are getting the software too, plus you can manually install it on the Nexus 7.