Creeping a la carte

Consumers increasingly are willing and able to assemble their own, a la carte TV bundles, through a mixture of traditional and OTT channels, while eschewing pre-packaged bundles dictated by the networks.

Google-NFL: Head fake, or real deal?

Putting “NFL Sunday Ticket” on YouTube wouldn’t really do much for Google’s broader OTT ambitions. YouTube, by design, is an open, non-exclusive platform available around the world to anyone with internet access; putting “Sunday Ticket” there would actually undermine Google’s efforts to sell a bundled package of channels for its virtual pay-TV service.

DirecTV subscriptions boosted by NFL Sunday Ticket deal

When it comes to live TV, sports still rule. That’s especially true for football as we take a look at DirecTV’s third-quarter earnings release. Thanks to an NFL Sunday Ticket promotion, DirecTV added 327,000 subscribers, even as competitors struggled to retain existing customers.

Who Needs DirecTV If I’ve Got the NFL On My Xbox?

DirecTV might allow future subscribers to its online NFL Sunday Ticket service to watch games on their TVs through game consoles and broadband set-top boxes. But doing so will take away one of the major reasons people sign up for satellite TV to begin with.

DirecTV Takes Football Mobile With NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go

DirecTV is looking to capitalize on its exclusive deal to show every NFL game, now making all those games available on PCs and mobile devices. The new NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go add-on allows subscribers to watch NFL games through mobile apps on a number of smartphones.