Meet the fighter pilot trying to crack the code of NFL data

Brian Burke followed up a career in the Navy by starting Advanced NFL Stats, and now his predictive models are powering the New York Times’ 4th Down Bot. Fans already love this kind of analysis, but will coaches ever come around?

Where to watch the 2014 Super Bowl live online

Good news for cord cutters and sports fans alike: Super Bowl XLVIII will once again be live streamed in its entirety. Fox will offer anyone the ability to tune in on the web or via its Fox Go iOS app.

Machine learning underpins two brain-injury research awards from NFL

The National Football League and General Electric announced on Thursday a list of 16 projects that will each receive $300,000 to advance their research in the field of diagnosing and preventing head injuries. Among the selected projects is a collaboration between the University of California, San Francisco, and machine learning startup Ayasdi to analyze CAT scan data to predict which players might have persistent symptoms. Another involves the Purdue Neurotrama Group and a company called BrainScope that uses machine learning algorithms to power a device that it hopes can detect head injuries on the sidelines. As everything from algorithms to computing power improve, machine learning is actually becoming fairly common in medical research.

The FCC’s plan for TV blackouts: what it means for sports fans

Sports leagues — especially the NFL — use blackouts to encourage fans to see games in the stadium rather than on TV. A new proposal by the FCC would make it harder to do this, but it won’t bring relief to the majority of sports fans. Here’s a Q&A that explains how it all works.