The FCC’s plan for TV blackouts: what it means for sports fans

Sports leagues — especially the NFL — use blackouts to encourage fans to see games in the stadium rather than on TV. A new proposal by the FCC would make it harder to do this, but it won’t bring relief to the majority of sports fans. Here’s a Q&A that explains how it all works.

Pro athletes on Twitter: league execs say marketing outweighs gaffes

Former executives from the NBA and the NFL say that teams and leagues should encourage players to use Twitter — even if some foreseeable headaches occur. The marketing benefits are worth it and the number of gaffes may subside as players get used to the medium.

NHL lets you predict the action with second screen gaming app

The NHL is jumping further into the second screen trend with what it calls the first predictive gaming app for a major sport league. The free NHL PrePlay app allows TV viewers to play along with a game by making live predictions on the action.

WNBA launches streaming iPad app to recruit new fans

Millions of subscribers pay yearly to stream baseball or basketball games to their web browser or mobile devices. But for leagues like the WNBA, getting into the streaming game is more about using online video to increase awareness and fan loyalty.

Vid-Biz: Vimeo, NHL-YouTube, Amazon vs. Netflix

Today on the Net: Vimeo is the hipster YouTube, the National Hockey League denies talking to YouTube about streaming hockey games and Clicker compares Amazon Prime Instant Video with Netflix.

Cord Cutters: How to Watch Sports Online

The biggest question we get from potential cord cutters is how to watch live sports without paying for cable. This week we talk about all of the ways sports fans can watch live MLB, NBA and NHL games online and on Internet-connected TVs and other devices.

How to Watch Live Sports Online

Want to cut the cord, but you’re an avid sports fan that can’t bear to be without ESPN and live sports content? Well have no fear: most games from the major sports leagues can be watched live online, if you’re willing to pay for them.