To live and die in public: That’s Twitter

Twitter is making its debut on the public markets and with that the fortunes of its founders, employees and many of its investors will change. As it crosses into adulthood, Twitter and its new owners need to remember this one thing — Twitter is us!

Jack Dorsey and Twitter: Can you have a part-time product visionary?

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was brought back into the company last year to be its chief product visionary, but his role appears to have been dramatically reduced. So who is Twitter’s product visionary now, and what does that mean for the future of the service?

The 3 myths behind “Internet pirates always win”

An economist argues that “three myths” are driving the popular notion that online piracy is inevitable and can’t be stopped. Here’s a quick summary of those “myths” and why dispelling them is important to having a more nuanced discussion about how to handle unauthorized online content.