Rethinking IT in the cloud computing era

IT departments need not go away in a computing world increasingly concerned with cloud computing and complex service-oriented systems, but they will have to change. IT has to let go of trying to control everything and focus on coordinating and enhancing things that other people control.

Are we living in Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451?

Ray Bradbury’s landmark novel Fahrenheit 451 is usually seen as a protest against government censorship, but the author said it was about how television and other media were making people less interested in ideas. What would Bradbury think of the world we live in now?

The Carr-Benkler wager and the peer-powered economy

Is the web run by large corporations, or is it powered primarily by peer-to-peer networks? That’s the question behind one of the longest-running wagers of the modern web era — a six-year-old bet between author and web sceptic Nick Carr and Harvard professor Yochai Benkler.

7 stories to read this weekend

It has been a crazy busy week for me and my reading list was much longer that normal. I have culled the seven best pieces for you to read and enjoy this weekend. Some of them might have lessons for all of us.

Is the internet making journalism better or worse? Yes

For several days now, journalism professor Jay Rosen and author Nicholas Carr have been debating whether the internet makes journalism better or worse. In the end, neither side wins — or both do — because the internet amplifies both the good and the bad things about the media.

Why it’s okay to outsource your memory to the cloud

New research seems to show that our memories are less accurate when we know the information is stored somewhere else. Some feel this is going to make us less human in some way, but I for one am glad to outsource parts of my brain.

Some Sanity in the ‘Web Makes Us Dumber’ Debate

Harvard professor of psychology Steven Pinker has joined in the ongoing debate over whether the Internet makes people smarter or dumber. He says using Twitter and spending time on the web doesn’t make us less intelligent, any more than reading an encyclopedia makes us more intelligent.