Yahoo acquires news reading iPhone app Summly

Yahoo has acquired news-reading iOS app Summly, which was created by London teenager Nick D’Aloisio. Summly will no longer exist as a standalone app and will be removed from the iTunes Store today.

Summly wants to make news summaries cool

Nary a day goes by when someone or the other doesn’t come up a new way to help us deal with information overload. Today, Summly enters the sweepstakes with an app that automagically summarizes news from different sources for quick easy on-the-go consumption.

Why Summly’s 16 year old CEO wants to stay in school

Peter Thiel may be advising entrepreneurial kids to drop out of university to focus on building their ideas – but not everyone thinks the same way. Wunderkind app maker Nick D’Aloisio told me he still wanted to go to college, and explained why.

Meet the Internet’s newest boy genius

He is onto his fourth major iPhone app and his first startup. He has caught the attention of someone who previously invested in Skype, Facebook and Spotify. He thinks Google’s UI is not current with the web. And he is only sixteen. Meet London-based Nick D’Aloisio!